Play-tivate! A Testimonial

Hi, Patty--

This is just a "hello" from those of us at NIST who saw you on Saturday. Cheryl specifically asked me to thank you on her behalf, because we two, at least, felt "validated" by what you said about play, scheduling, and even "tolding". It may not do us any good in our "real" world, but in our hearts we knew that we're TRYING to do the right things, and that meant a lot to both of us. And if I'm successful in moving from center-care back into home-care, with a nanny position, I'll REALLY enjoy putting some of these practices back into use.

 Oh, and about "tolding"...Please tell Jean that I thought fondly of her this morning, just before lunch, when a 4-yr-old was telling his friend, "I TOLD you! An' I KEEP tolding you! You dotta do wha' I told you, or I'm not donna play 'if you! I not donna told you adain!" I kid you not, I wrote it down immediately, so i could transcribe it for you verbatim, and with speech "uniquenesses". So, she was right. Tolding is dangerous...insidious...and is apparently seeping into the next generation...

Jolene is not in today, but I fully intend to talk to her and Pat (our assistant director) before the week is out, not only to ask about possibly bringing you ladies for another non-conference conference, and include parents to fill out the enrollment, but Cheryl wants to see if we can either have you bring one of your workshops to us for our Veterans' Day training, or find out if we can go to you...

Thanks again--