About Us


When you know what you love; the place where your passion is evident then how would you ever stop doing that thing? That is true about Jean Schappet and Patty Stine, her daughter. The phases of their lives have woven together to form a tapestry spanning four decades.


Jean was the Founder, President, and Chief Designer for Woodset Inc. It was Jean's personal mission that moved the company from a small local manufacturer of premium residential play structures to a nationally respected commercial play equipment manufacturer. Her personal mission is to positively influence the self-image of multitudes of children. Patty began working at Woodset as a child delivering play structures in the Washington DC area with her parents. Patty's organizational skills emerged in the late 80's when she took on the responsibility of managing the mailroom and eventually shouldered the daily administrative tasks of a million-dollar a year manufacturing business. But what they both loved to do was stop working and watching the children playing on the Woodset products in front of the office.

From the family playground business Jean and Patty moved to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization – Boundless Playgrounds. Jean helped to found the organization and then served as Creative Director. She spoke to raise awareness that influenced communities throughout the country to build playgrounds that were universally accessible to all children “ including children with physical, developmental and sensory disabilities. All those years of watching children play at Woodset came in handy as Patty used her passion to unfold her talents as a play environment specialist. They worked with others to pioneer play behavior phase and developed the first design system to plan an environment where all children, regardless of their abilities, could play at their highest level of competence. To further influence the design of play environments Jean, Patty and their co-presenters Dr. L.D. Bruya and Antonio Malkusak created a three day design workshop based in their design system called Basic Training. This workshop was attended by landscape architects, community advocates and playground equipment representatives.


 Boundless Playgrounds, in 2007, Patty was invited to join the staff of a play-based preschool. While much of her daily responsibility was consumed with the administration of the preschool her joy came from her role as the Director of Play. Jean continued her course of cross-discipline independent study and served on the executive board of the preschool. As a result of this study and further child observations the next step in their joint mission emerged. For children to experiences maximum benefit from their independent play the play environment must be prepared by nurturing adults. As a result Jean and Patty formed Pure Play Workshops. Together they provide certified training programs for child-care professionals in the state of Maryland. This training helps adults understand the predictable play behaviors of children, prepare for their pure play and recognize the effective learning that is taking place during pure play.