Becoming A Thinker

Created by pschappet on Thu, 04/18/2013 - 10:52


What was your least favorite part of your grade school math work?  Word problems, right?  Me too…but I have come to understand that - LIFE is a word problem! At least I was able get lots of practice solving problems to prepare me…now how can I help children do the same?


Picture of the Week: Girls Play Blocks

Created by csimpson on Wed, 01/30/2013 - 15:28

girls play blocks

Can a girl of 10 play with a girl of 3?

Absolutely. This is not big sister babysitting little sister. They are playing.

Big sister, Bun Bun, initiated by getting out the blocks and making a hospital. Once everything was in order, they had a blast with their hospital.

Play-tivate! A Testimonial

Hi, Patty--

This is just a "hello" from those of us at NIST who saw you on Saturday. Cheryl specifically asked me to thank you on her behalf, because we two, at least, felt "validated" by what you said about play, scheduling, and even "tolding". It may not do us any good in our "real" world, but in our hearts we knew that we're TRYING to do the right things, and that meant a lot to both of us. And if I'm successful in moving from center-care back into home-care, with a nanny position, I'll REALLY enjoy putting some of these practices back into use.